What These Teens Did To A Mentally Disabled Man Will Make You Want To Cry

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At an early age, we was speedy to see everybody as simply human, regardless of age, race, course or disability. Our aberration is what creates us special and a amiability is what brings us all together.

And as a surrogate teacher, some of my best days are spent operative in a special preparation classrooms. Seeing kids overcome adversity and find singular ways to flower is so fulfilling. For that reason, a video next positively breaks my heart.

In a Germantown area of Philadelphia, a infirm male was minding his possess business when a organisation of teenagers ganged adult on him. One afterwards fool punched him in a face. In a state of finish shock, he fell retrograde and stumbled divided usually to be struck once again. Their abuse and delight are so cruel.

The male in a video, after identified by co-worker Gerald Andrews by his initial name, Mark, is described as someone who’s always in good spirits. Andrews was interviewed following a attack, saying, “He keeps that grin on his face. He wants to speak sports. He’s a good guy. It’s heartbreaking.”

After going viral, a video was means to assistance military brand and detain 4 teenagers compared with a heartless attack. They were charged with aggravated assault, elementary assault, and forward endangerment. The teen enemy are also being related to another aroused occurrence during a circuitously school.

(via Daily Mail and CBS Philly)

It creates me ill to see anyone being brutalized since they’re different. Share this video if we consider a teens’ actions are inexcusable.