What This Guy Can Do With His Stomach Is The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

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I’m really no foreigner to uncanny physique contortions.

Ever given we was a small girl, I’ve been means to sum out my family and friends by arranging my double-jointed fingers in assumed ways. I’ve seen people tortuous themselves backwards, and have even witnessed a unfortunate effects of waist-binding. But what this male can do totally blows all that out of a H2O in terms of freakishness.

I have no thought how it’s probable to hurl your stomach around like this, yet apparently it is, since this man is a sum pro during removing his slit on in a many weird approach ever.

I severely can’t stop watching.

For a ladies:) and Larry.

After that, this looks definitely tame. Really though, how in a universe are we doing that?