What This Little Kid Did On Stage Stunned Pharrell Williams

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When Pharrell Williams played a set in Leeds, England, one doubtful small man stole a show.

It all started when a song prodigy invited kids adult on theatre with him while he sang “Happy.” In an darling spin of events, it was seven-year-old Dylan Barraclough who stole a spotlight. The small dude’s Michael Jackson-style moves were so overwhelming that Pharrell gave him a high five. The friendly thespian even invited him to take core stage!

In a background, we can hear Dylan’s unapproachable father yelling, “That’s my boy!”

(source MrEvotintjim)

This positively done my day. we only adore how unapproachable a father is of his son. Every time Dylan and his father hear “Happy” on a radio, they can relive this epic moment.

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