What This Man Does With Animal Skulls Is Completely Amazing. He’s So Talented!

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As America salary a fight on drugs, it seems like a nightly newscasts are filled with some-more and some-more drug-related crimes.

But as with many news narratives, a censure always seems to gaunt on those with obsession problems. While doing drugs positively isn’t healthy, a approach many people demeanour during obsession leaves out a fact that a obsession itself is a disease.

Addiction isn’t usually about drugs and alcohol. If we or someone we know has ever attempted to remove weight, we know how tough it is to indeed remove those pounds and cut down on a cravings. You could even go so distant as to contend that food cravings and drug obsession are both mental blocks that forestall healthy progress. A chairman might wish to remove weight, or quit regulating drugs, though observant we wish to quit and indeed entertainment adult a willpower to stop are dual opposite things.

Something that helps a lot of people struggling with obsession is anticipating a new approach to spend their time. Refocusing your courtesy into another passion can infrequently be a pivotal to violation a robe for good. Case in indicate sculptor Victor Seiche, who took his adore for all things dim and disfigured and remade them into a new passion: figure and sculpting regulating animal skulls.

Seiche, an artist from Transylvania, Romania, began his scrutiny of skull figure after he was arrested for drug possession scarcely 4 years ago.

Recounting his artistic origins, Seiche told Bored Panda, “I started figure skulls since we was forced to quit many opposite substances during a same time. It became my approach to detach and was a usually thing that kept my reason via that ordeal.”

Following his arrest, Seiche was given a choice of confronting jail time or profitable a estimable fine. Choosing a latter, a former addict done a preference to find a hobby that would assistance take his mind off drugs.