What This Pet Emu Does When She Throws A Tennis Ball Had Me Rolling With Laughter

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When we consider of standard pets, an emu positively isn’t during a tip of a list. Heck, we gamble a lot of we didn’t even know that emus could be residence pets. The usually thing we know about a infrequently made animals is that Homer on The Simpsons wanted to have an emu plantation in one episode.

Luckily for all of us, this video has flush of a pet emu chasing after a ball…and it’s substantially a cutest thing you’ll see today.


She’s so excited…and she only can’t censor it!

She's so excited...and she only can't censor it!


How do they even get an outlandish pet like that to play fetch like a dog?! we mean, she doesn’t accurately get a whole move it behind thing, though conjunction do pups sometimes.