What This Woman Did On Live TV Would Make Anyone With Sensitive Ears Freak Out

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Whether you’re a ’90s child or only a song fan, chances are you’ve listened Mariah Carey’s barbarous alarm records in her cocktail hits like “We Belong Together” and “Emotions.”

Mariah Carey has done a career out of her abilities to strike records that don’t even sound like they’re entrance out of a tellurian being. And while many of us trust that Carey binds a record for a top sung records in all a world, that eminence indeed belongs to a lesser-known singer.

Georgia Brown is a Brazilian thespian that has a 10-octave operation that lets her voice get all a approach adult to G10. And while she might be one of Mariah’s biggest fans, Brown positively has some talent in her possess right.

What you’re about to hear isn’t a dog whistle. You have to hear her strike this note to trust it!


Dang. Are anyone else’s ears ringing? That’s amazing!