What This Woman Found In Her Sausage Egg McMuffin Is A Whole Lotta Nope

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Everyone knows that McDonald’s isn’t accurately healthy, though what this lady found in her breakfast sandwich is over nasty.

A sausage egg McMuffin should usually have 4 components — sausage, egg, cheese, and muffin. So what in a hurt is this blue rubbery thing in this woman’s sandwich?

Whatever it is seems to be embedded in a sausage, definition that it substantially came from a bureau rather than from a restaurant. Either way, I’m really not going to be longing McDonald’s anytime soon!

Watch as this lady deconstructs her sausage egg McMuffin to exhibit something truly disgusting. I’ve watched a video several times, and I’m still not certain what it is.

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Do we know what it could be? If so, let us know in a comments. Leave it to a internet to hurt one of my favorite breakfast items!