What Was a WOW Signal?

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What was a vigilance perceived in 1977? Was it a puzzling summary from an visitor civilization?

In 1977, radio astronomer Jerry Ehman was looking by regard information from a Big Ear Radio Telescope. He was acid for justification that visitor civilizations competence be perplexing to promulgate regulating radio waves as an choice to steel probes.

Specifically, that aliens would be communicating in a apportionment of a radio spectrum that mimics hydrogen.

The hunt generated an infinite towering of remarkably tedious data, zero yet a credentials radio transmissions of a Universe.

But afterwards he saw a information vigilance so engaging and singular that he circled it and wrote “WOW” in a red pen. A red pen! There was an exclamation point! Only one, though, don’t get too excited.

Ehman circled a characters “6EQUJ5”, specifying them from all a other 1s and 2s on a margin of data.

What does this formula mean? Is it a puzzling summary from an visitor civilization? Why does it start with a 6 and afterwards finish with a 5? What are they perplexing to tell us?

From a impulse Ehman red-penned in WOW, this has been famous as a WOW Signal, and it’s been a means of most conjecture by SETI researchers and aliens fans and difficulty for World of Warcraft players around a globe.

For starters, it’s critical to know that a Big Ear Radio Observatory didn’t indeed accept these characters in a message. The Observatory was listening to radio signals entrance from a segment of a sky in a Constellation Sagittarius, nearby a M55 globular cluster.

Each impression on this draft corresponds to about 10 seconds of “listening”. If a telescope picked adult a signal, it available a power with a singular character. The scale went from 1 to 9, and afterwards by A to Z. The top ever available was U.

So, when we demeanour during this chart, what you’re indeed saying is mostly no radio signal, and afterwards a vigilance gets brighter and brighter, as a Big Ear’s plate upheld whatever was generating a signal, afterwards it gets low again.

When astronomers attempted to follow up, a vigilance was gone. It happened only this one time, and afterwards not anything else like it, not from this region, or any other segment in a a sky.

Hurry adult Fraser! Was it aliens? we have to know. we need to put it on a blog l assuage for my favourite genocide steel swindling rope “Tinfoil Hate”.

Dr. Ehman, and other astronomers searched that segment some-more than 50 times, perplexing to detect any signal.


They used a Big Ear again, and afterwards a Oak Ridge Observatory, and even a vastly some-more absolute Very Large Array.

Ehman himself was puzzled it was intelligent in nature. He wasn’t even certain it came from outward a Solar System during all. He suspected it was possibly a personal troops satellite or a thoughtfulness of an Earth-based radio vigilance bouncing off space debris.

But that doesn’t unequivocally explain it really well, does it Scully?

If it was a satellite transmitting in this spectrum, we would design to see it get picked adult in other locations around Earth and during other times.

It’s never been seen again.

It creates clarity that aliens would promulgate in this spectrum; it’s what we’d do if we wanted to send an evident summary out into space.

The vigilance is a indicate source, that means it would have come from a specific star or world in a Milky Way.

The bottom line is that we’ll never know. There only isn’t any some-more information to assistance us know this poser any some-more deeply.

I’m a outrageous fan of acid for signals from supernatural civilizations, and delicious mysteries like this means we should keep looking. Whether or not we learn new visitor friends, or surprising new healthy sources of radio emissions, a hunt is value doing.

One final thing.

Just for fun, in 2012 researches used a Arecibo Observatory to send a vigilance from Earth containing messages, tweets and photos in a instruction that a WOW Signal originated from to pledge that aliens send their space beef harvesters true to Earth.

I wish a aliens enjoyed it, and consider about us with a note of unhappiness as they follow adult with a deployment of a Hyperspace Construction Fleet towards a mostly submissive planet.

Sadly, a puzzling WOW Signal isn’t transparent cut justification that visitor civilizations are perplexing to promote in a direction. Instead, it’s some-more expected we’re only polluting space itself with some-more junk and radio signals.

Time for another prediction. When do we consider we’ll detect a vigilance from an visitor civilization. Give us your best theory in a comments below.

Source: Universe Today, created by Fraser Cain