What We Know and Don’t Know About a Terrorist Attack in Mali

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Malian infantry outward a Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, a capital, on Friday.

Habibou Kouyate/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Gunmen seized a hotel in Bamako, a collateral of Mali, on Friday, holding about 100 people warrant and murdering some-more than dual dozen. The conflict is a latest tear of conflict in Mali, a former French cluster in West Africa that has been racked by an Islamist rebellion for a past 3 years.

What Is a Situation in Mali?

In 2012, a infantry manoeuvre overthrew a democratically inaugurated president, destabilizing what had been one of a many secure, despite poor, nations in a region.

An Islamist insurgency, led by an associate of Al Qaeda and armed with a ruins of a late Libyan personality Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s arsenal, seized control of a northern half of a country. They prisoner a city of Timbuktu, broken chronological sites and imposed Shariah law.

A year later, supervision army along with a Western infantry underneath a United Nations charge and led by France, kick behind a insurgency. With promises of a continued general peacekeeping participation and billions of dollars in general aid, Mali hold a approved choosing to reinstate a infantry government, yet a new supervision has small control in a north.

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Latest Updates

France, that has a prolonged story in a region, conducted vital counterterrorism operations in West Africa in 2013 and 2014, including an operation that killed a tip personality of Al Mourabitoun final year. French leaders have pronounced that fighting terrorists in Mali is essential to their country’s security.

How Frequent Are Terrorist Attacks?

At slightest 36 people have been killed in 6 attacks this year in Mali — not including a hotel encircle on Friday — by Islamist insurgents.

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A unsure assent understanding between a Islamists and a supervision sealed in Jun has not stopped a attacks, and, in August, 5 United Nations workers were killed in an conflict on a hotel in executive Mali. Five months before that, militants killed 5 during a grill in Bamako.

Who Is Behind a Latest Attack?

It was not immediately transparent who was obliged for a conflict in Mali. Al Jazeera reported that it had perceived a recording reporting that a internal belligerent group, Al Mourabitoun, had carried out a encircle in and with Al Qaeda’s informal affiliate, yet a explain could not be exclusively confirmed.

Presidents Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of Mali, left, and François Hollande of France in Bamako in 2013.

Michel Euler/Reuters

The dual groups were among a Islamist fighters who assimilated army with a Tuareg, a winding racial minority in West Africa, to lift out a rebellion in a north of Mali. Since then, both groups have carried out attacks opposite civilians and are associated in their efforts to absolved a nation of Western influences, overpower a supervision and levy Shariah law.

Are a Attacks in Mali and Paris Related?

There is no clear couple between Friday’s conflict in Mali and a militant attacks in Paris final week. Those attacks have been attributed to a Islamic State, a opposition militant classification to Al Qaeda. Both groups contest for new recruits and a Mali conflict might have been a approach for Al Qaeda to seize general headlines from a Islamic State and infer a capabilities.

Though France announced a bulk of a infantry operations over in 2014, it kept several hundred infantry in a north to quarrel terrorists. President François Hollande on Friday systematic special-forces infantry behind to Mali.