What We Know So Far About Games Of Thrones Season 6

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It’s tough to trust there have been 5 seasons of Games of Thrones all ready, and even harder to trust that like Jon Snow “we know nothing” about what will occur in deteriorate 6. Of march a reason we know really little, is since a TV array has now surpassed many of what is in a novels. Thankfully however we aren’t totally in a dark, and know a few things, or during a really slightest can theory a few things. Here’s what we know so far.

Jon Snow is dead. At slightest that’s what everybody keeps revelation us. Even in a trailer Jon Snow appears to be zero some-more than a routine corpse. Yes he’s been seen on set, and approbation we know that corpses can travel in Westeros, though HBO and a stars keep revelation us that Jon really dead. we theory we’ll find out on Apr 24th is they are revelation us a truth, or if there is a turn in what they are saying.

Daenerys survived a fighting pits of Meereen interjection to one of her dragons, usually to presumably be in even some-more risk from the Dothraki house that restrained her in final year’s deteriorate finale. From a trailer she appears to be a prisoner, though can a mom of dragons truly be taken prisoner?

The sixth deteriorate of Games of Thrones promises war, and lots of it. Queen Cersei transient a High Septon (albeit in a really annoying way), and now that she’s behind behind a protecting walls of a palace in King’s Landing, and surrounded by an army peaceful to do anything to strengthen her, we have a feeling there will be ruin to pay. And vocalization of hell, Jamie’s lapse with a physique of his and Cersei’s daughter Myrcella, murdered during a hands of Drone can’t be good for Dorne. There seems to be a fight brewing on mixed fronts.

Bran competence not have been in deteriorate 5, though he’s returned to deteriorate 6 with a vengeance. From a trailer is looks like he will accommodate a Night’s King, and if he does, will he find out what he and his army of a passed are adult to? We have a feeling this is all only a prophesy to assistance Bran know a Night King’s plot, and start him on his tour to be one of a large heroes down a road.

If we suspicion Sansa and Theon have had it tough heading adult to this season, consider again. This year they will be on a run from Ramsey Bolton, and it could finish adult being even worse for them. After all Ramsey is a psychopath, and doesn’t like when things don’t go his way. And he does like to punish, severely.

One storyline that hasn’t utterly nonetheless surpassed a novels is Ayra’s, who was stricken blind in a finale. We know from a novels that she eventually gets her site back, though that doesn’t meant a TV array won’t curve off and do something different. compartment they can’t keep her blind forever, can they?