What’s Ahead for Silver Prices Even as Demand Remains Extreme?

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What’s Ahead for Silver Prices Even as Demand Remains Extreme?

Are Silver Prices About to Hit $50?

Silver prices might be down, though a changed steel shouldn’t be shunned by investors. Silver could be presenting a good event for long-term investors.

I follow one order of investing; when not a lot of things make sense, go behind to a simple economics of supply and demand. This has never unsuccessful me. Looking during china in this viewpoint tells me a changed steel could be environment adult for a large cost jump.

Silver Demand Remains Extreme during Mints Around a World

So distant this year, a U.S. Mint (up until Nov 19) sole over 42.9 million ounces of china in American Eagle coins. In a initial 11 months of 2014, a U.S. Mint sole 41.54 million ounces of silver. (Source: U.S. Mint, final accessed Nov 19, 2015.) With some-more than a month left in a year, don’t be astounded if china sales during a U.S. Mint are most aloft in 2015 than in 2014—which, by a way, was a record year for china sales during some-more than 44 million ounces sold.

The Royal Canadian Mint is display plain direct as well. In a second entertain of mercantile 2015, a Mint sole 15.7 million ounces of china in Maple Leaf coins, adult dual percent from a same duration a year ago. (Source: Royal Canadian Mint, final accessed Nov 19, 2015.)

And if we demeanour during bullion dealers, a premiums they are perfectionist on china advise an undisguised necessity of a changed metal. we wrote about this not too prolonged ago in these pages. (Read “Gold and Silver: Why a 2009-Like Price Surge Is Ahead.”)

This all suggests a poignant volume of shopping activity for silver.

Silver also has an industrial use. we know many have been arguing that china prices and direct for china will decrease since of a tellurian mercantile slowdown, generally in China. My evidence is that a investment direct for this changed steel in a form of china coins and bars could simply equivalent industrial demand.

Silver Producers Struggling, Production Plummeting

On a supply side of a china equation, supply is constrictive as reduce china prices have pushed china miners to take mines off-line where china prolongation during US$14.00 an unit is not economically feasible. Exploration budgets have also been slashed.

Silver cave outlay in Canada is in decline, too. In a initial 9 months of 2015, china mines in Canada constructed 285,953 kilograms of silver. In a same duration a year ago, this series was 374,184 kilograms of silver. (Source: Natural Resources Canada, final accessed Nov 19, 2015.) Canada, one of a world’s largest producers of silver, has seen a prolongation of china decrease 31% year-over-year.

What’s Ahead for Silver Prices?

A china cost aim of $50.00 an unit might sound too “out there” when a stream cost is tighten to $14.00, though we contingency remember these 3 critical factors: direct for china is strong, supply of china is contracting, and china is desperately out of preference with investors—the ideal matter for aloft china prices.



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