When A Croc Invaded Their Space, These Hippos Stopped At Nothing To Get It Out

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You competence assume crocodiles are a scariest creatures to confront in a physique of water, yet these hippopotamuses would conclude it if we hold their beers.

While a South Africa hippos were unresolved out in a Kruger National Park, they beheld a really unwelcome caller in their pool. That’s when all 30 of them motionless to play a diversion of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” with a crocodile that dared to cranky them.

Harish Kumar was a one to constraint a footage of a epic fight. Watch as a hapless croc gets tossed around before it’s propitious adequate to escape.


Let this offer as a sign that yet Fiona a hippo might be adorable, we never wish to disaster with any of her kind. Something tells me that crocodile will drive transparent of those sold waters from now on.