When A Skunk Squad Walked Over, This Cyclist Didn’t Know What To Expect

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Typically, a run-in with a skunk can be a bit of a stinky situation.

Crossing paths with a family of skunks was substantially a final thing on this cyclist’s mind when he set out on his morning bike ride. As a stinky organisation approached, a cyclist attempted to sojourn ease so as to equivocate being sanctified with that all-too informed stench.

However, when a cyclist and skunks finally done contact, instead of gracing a male with their fowl odor, they let out a joyous squeaking sound.

I competence not pronounce skunk, though I’m flattering certain that man is all right in their books.


Thank integrity a skunks were in a good mood, differently that cyclist competence have had a far-smellier fate.