When He Realizes He’s At The Vet And Not The Park, This Dog Has A Hilarious Reaction

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Dogs are never anxious when it’s time to go to a vet, so many humans have to use a small cunning to get their pooch into a office. Treats are a good option, though this owners relies on his pup’s genuine inlet to get a pursuit done.

Here he’s documented a impulse his hilariously fluent cutie satisfied there were no frisbees in his nearby future.

“Can’t wait to see all my buddies!”

Can't wait to see all my buddies!

Reddit / Watsatron

“Wait…I commend that flea collar brochure.”

Wait...I commend that flea collar brochure.

Reddit / Watsatron

“…how could you?”

...emhow could you/em?

Reddit / Watsatron

(source Reddit)

Sorry, sweetie, though it’s critical to keep a purify check of health. Hopefully his tellurian done it adult to him on a approach home.