When Her School Found Out She Was Pregnant, They Retaliated In The Worst Way

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Back in January, 18-year-old Maddi Runkles from was overjoyed when she perceived her college acceptance letter. She also found out that she was awaiting a baby.

Because she attends Heritage Academy, a private Christian propagandize in Maryland with a process saying that “no insinuate passionate activity be intent in outward of a matrimony joining between a male and a woman,” she thought she’d be doing a right thing by vouchsafing propagandize officials know she was pregnant. While a high propagandize comparison knew she’d face some form of punishment for violating a policy, she didn’t design a propagandize to anathema her from her graduation.

But when Maddi did announce her pregnancy in front of a school, she was not usually private from her position on a propagandize council, though also put on an unaccepted cessation for dual days and not authorised to travel during her graduation.

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“I told on myself,” a 4.0 tyro said. “I asked for forgiveness. we asked for help.” But to her, redemption wasn’t given.

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“Typically, when somebody breaks a rule, we retaliate them during a time they mangle a rule. That way, a punishment is behind them and they’re relocating brazen with a purify slate,” pronounced her dad, Scott. “With Maddi, her punishment was set 4 months out. It’s busted her comparison year.”

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