When It Came Time For This Anchor To Announce A Story, He Just Couldn’t Keep It Together

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News anchors have a repute for being impossibly unbending people. we mean, partial of their pursuit is to seem as design as possible. Their stoic approach of reading a news has been mimicked and mocked by everybody underneath a sun. Nine times out of ten, they’ll make even a many up-beat stories sound too tedious for words.

But when this news anchor got a story about a pig named “Chris P. Bacon,” he simply couldn’t keep it together. He tried, and he failed.

I have to palm it to that pig’s owner, since that’s a severely humorous name, though come on. You’re a news anchor! Keep it together! Laugh about it during a blurb break. Oh well, we theory it’s a small things in life that make us giggle…uncontrollably for prolonged durations of time.