When She’s Not Helping Students, This Artist Is Leaving Stunning Surprises For Them

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Joanna Hedrick works as a advisor during a Sacramento State University Student Service Center. But in her giveaway time, she creates pleasing environmental art on campus.

It all started in 2013, when Hedrick was holding photos of her dual children during a school. Looking for a visually distinguished background, she used a hillside to arrange depressed leaves from a gingko tree into a pleasing golden pattern. She was dumbfounded by a overwhelmingly certain response from those who saw and common photos of it on amicable media, so she motionless to make her art an annual tradition. Now she creates about 6 elaborate designs each year from a leaves of gingko trees, withdrawal them as gifts for students study for exams.

“[My art] is about holding something that’s already pleasing and creation something unique—something we don’t only pass by,” Hedrick told Sactown Magazine. Check out some of her best arrangements below, all of that take dual to 3 hours to create.