When This Adorable Elephant Saw A Potato Truck Go By, It Knew Exactly What To Do

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You know when we see a crony eating fries and we can’t assistance though waylay one (or 10) for yourself since they demeanour so tasty? This cutie can really relate.

An darling elephant in West Bengal, India, recently saw a lorry installed with potatoes pushing by in a Garhbeta forest. Not wanting to rubbish an event to squeeze some giveaway food, it walked in front of a truck, effectively interlude it, afterwards dug right in to some tasty potatoes.

Bystanders attempted throwing firecrackers and yelling during a elephant to shock it off, though zero was going to stop this inspired critter from removing a break on. You can’t censure a critter for amatory a good starch-fest!

(via Daily Mail)

After eating a fill, a elephant walked off into a forest, unscathed and totally unbothered. That, my friends, is what it’s like to live a dream.