When This Baby Had To Get Shots, His Hilariously Empathetic Dad Lost It

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When relatives contend they feel their children’s pain, infrequently they unequivocally meant it. Just ask this humorous dad!

Antwon Lee recently took his two-month-old son, Debias King, to his internal pediatrician in Georgia, where a child was due to accept a common shots infants need. It became apparent that he was flattering shaken when he started assuring a baby that yet it would hurt, he’d be glorious — a pep speak expected given some-more for his possess advantage than a child’s.

When a time came for a shots to be administered, Lee clearly struggled examination his small one cry. But being a caring father that he is, he stayed during his son’s side, consoled him, and gifted a pain with him in his possess waggish (and adorable) way.

What a sweet, understanding dad! This first-time father is already proof what an glorious primogenitor he is.