When This British Woman Woke Up In The Hospital, She Had A Chinese Accent

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As we competence already know, serious migraines can put a check on your daily plans. But as one U.K. lady discovered, they can also change your life forever.

After experiencing a serious migraine, 38-year-old Sarah Colwill was rushed to a hospital. Doctors and medical staff did all they could to keep her comfortable, and eventually, a migraine dissipated. Unfortunately for Colwill, when she awoke a subsequent day, she detected that her local Plymouth accent was left and had been transposed with a Chinese accent.

Colwill was after diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a singular medical condition that causes patients to rise unknown debate patterns that reinstate their possess accents with opposite ones. Foreign Accent Syndrome is typically a outcome of a large cadence or conduct trauma, though migraines and developmental problems can also means it. There were usually 62 reported cases of a syndrome worldwide between 1941 and 2009.

After some-more than 3 years of pang from Foreign Accent Syndrome, Colwill simply longs to hear her British accent once again.


I can’t even start to suppose how she feels. Share this weird story with anyone who loves a good medical mystery.