When This Fox Found A Cockroach, She Had The Cutest Reaction Ever

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Cockroaches are confusing, creepy-crawly creatures. Even with their reputations aside, it is always a startle to see one in your path. While many of us would conflict with a whoop or presumably an try to smash them, this stupid fox has a best response to saying her initial cockroach ever.

Her name is Anya and she was enjoying a good day outdoor when suddenly, her whole universe altered with her tiny, waggish discovery.

“What! Are! You!”

What! Are! You!

YouTube / Kay Fedewa

She only wants to know the secrets! And maybe be best friends. Either way, we can watch some-more of her darling adventures over on her human’s YouTube page.

Note: Anya is a loyal trained fox — we should not keep regular, furious foxes as pets.