When You Go Whale Watching, This Is Really Not What You’d Expect (Or Want) To See

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Many of us see orcas, or torpedo whales, as sweet, peaceful creatures, though infrequently we forget that their name is a unequivocally accurate outline of what they do.

While some of these whales usually eat fish, others cite sport and ruthlessly murdering other sea mammals like seals, dolphins, and in this case, even other whales. Discovery Whale Watch, a new whale examination association in Monterey Bay, California, recently prisoner some extraordinary footage around worker of a gray whale fortifying her calf from a organisation of orcas. It’s unequivocally protected to contend that these people got their money’s value when they went out on a water!

Just suppose saying this reveal in person.


Luckily a gray whale was means to deflect them off and strengthen her calf, though this video only goes to uncover how terrifying torpedo whales can unequivocally be. Be certain to share this footage with others if we wish we were there to see it!