While U.S. Stupidly Hikes Gold Exports, The East Voraciously Grabs More

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While U.S. Stupidly Hikes Gold Exports, The East Voraciously Grabs More

While U.S. Stupidly Hikes Gold Exports, The East Voraciously Grabs More

Most Americans didn’t comprehend it, though something BIG altered in a U.S. bullion marketplace in a commencement of 2017.  While changed metals view and shopping in a U.S. has forsaken off extremely in a initial entertain of 2017, a East continues to acquire gold, HAND OVER FIST.

How most gold?  Well, let’s usually say…. U.S. bullion exports have scarcely doubled during JAN-FEB 2017 contra a same duration final year:

Total U.S. bullion exports JAN-FEB 2017 surged to 101 metric tons (mt), compared to 56.5 mt final year.  This is utterly engaging since sum U.S. bullion cave supply and bullion imports for JAN-FEB 2017 usually equaled 80 mt.  Thus, a U.S. suffered a 21 mt bullion supply necessity in a initial dual months of a year.  Which means, someone had to repay an additional 21 mt of bullion from their vaults to trade to a East….. where they still know a critical purpose of bullion as REAL MONEY.

And where did a infancy of U.S. bullion exports conduct to?  You got it….. Hong Kong-China India:

Of a 101 mt of U.S. bullion exports JAN-FEB 2017, Hong Kong-China and India perceived 61.8 mt, or scarcely two-thirds of a total.  Switzerland perceived 28 mt, U.K. alien 5.6 mt and a U.A.E. acquired 3.3 mt.  The remaining 2.3 mt went to several countries such as, Germany, Canada and Mexico.

What is also utterly interesting, is that a infancy of a year-over-year boost went to Hong Kong-China and India.  U.S. bullion exports to Hong Kong-China and India doubled from 31 mt during JAN-FEB 2016 to 61.8 mt JAN-FEB 2017.

What does this all mean?  It means, as U.S. changed metals investors continue to BICKER, COMPLAIN, BELLY-ACHE and WHINE about a low bullion price, a Chinese and Indians grin as they continue to sell augmenting meaningless fiat income for a glossy yellow metal.

Matter-a-fact, we have listened from several sources, that many changed metals investors in a U.S. are offered bullion into a market.  This has to be one of a STUPIDEST things to do.  Of course, if a chairman needs to sell bullion to squeeze something or compensate bills… that is understandable.  But, to sell bullion since of low marketplace sentiment, goes opposite all sound proof and proof to possess gold.

People need to comprehend a U.S. and tellurian financial and mercantile complement are in a BIGGEST BUBBLE in history.  To sell one’s GOLD INSURANCE during this time, creates me wonder… what a ruin happened to IQ’s recently? – SRSroccoreport

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