Who Do You Think Would Win Between A Horse And A Gator? You Might Be Surprised. OMG.

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When it came time to strengthen his hack brethren, this man clearly wasn’t horsin’ around.

Visitors during a Paynes Prairie Preserve, in Micanopy, Florida, were in for definitely a steer when they witnessed this definitely absurd sell between an alligator and a vast horse. While extending in a high grasses, this dauntless equine beheld an alligator removing a small too tighten to his hack pals. Taking things into his possess hands (hooves?) a favourite charged a gator and stomped him true to Hell.

After encircling around his foe, a equine was in for a warn when a gator attempted to take a punch out of a competition.


Here’s another angle of a harrowing footage. we can’t even suppose station right there when this went down!


Luckily, inlet safety staff have checked in on both a equine and a alligator and conjunction one was severely injured. Share this video to remind others that in a animal kingdom, no fight is off limits.