Who Won a Republican Debate? It’s Hard to Say

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The fourth Republican presidential discuss was hold Tuesday night in Milwaukee.

Michael Appleton for The New York Times

There was no exile leader of a fourth Republican presidential discuss on Tuesday night, according to commentators, reporters and pundits who watched. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas drew some reprehension for an “oops” impulse when he unsuccessful to name 5 agencies he wanted to eliminate, and Donald J. Trump might be remembered for shushing Carly Fiorina. But distinct after progressing debates this cycle, no accord emerged about a outcome.

“Carly showed because she should not be counted out yet. She speaks like a caring grandmother, and she has to be a calmest neoconservative I’ve ever seen on a theatre vocalization about a Middle East. She spoke quietly and coolly on each emanate that came her way, and some issues that didn’t.” — Joe Cunningham, of Red State

“Epic Loser: John Kasich. Just bad on each front. Epically bad. Looked rude, old, desperate, cheap, and extravagantly wrong on many fronts.” — Glenn Beck, a regressive radio horde

“Here is John Kasich vocalization some common clarity on immigration reform. Sorry Donald Trump, we aren’t shipping 11 million ANYWHERE.” — Roland Martin, horde of “NewsOne Now,” a Washington-based radio module focused on African-American issues

“Jeb’s done, it’s a matter of time. Carson will decrease slowly. Breakout was Rand Paul. Democrats’ll adore Kasich and misread his chances.” — Charles C. W. Cooke, of National Review

“Statesmanlike Trump is boring. Bring behind Insult Comic Trump.” — Molly Ball of The Atlantic

“Why do these possibilities quarrel so tough for time for their canned shutting statements? We get it. They can memorize.” — Michelle Malkin, a regressive blogger and commentator

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida “impressed me tonight — he can describe process to people in a approach we was uncertain he could. That’s big.” — Shoshana Weissmann of The Weekly Standard

“Kasich murdering it. Paul strong. Jeb Bush much, most better. Rubio sounds unequivocally diseased and confused. Cruz pulled a Rick Perry. Funny!” — Rick Sanchez, horde of an online program, “The Rick Sanchez Show”

“Gov. Bush didn’t make any mistakes, and he did make some really good points, though he didn’t out perform a others, something he indispensable to do.” — Bill O’Reilly, horde of “The O’Reilly Factor”