WiFi Remote Management Module

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Remoteboot is a hardware remote government console that allows we to guard a  activity of a desktop mechanism and to physically spin a it on or off around a web interface from anywhere.


It allows for a mechanism to sojourn permitted from a internet while it is off by enabling it to be incited on remotely and traditional program such as Teamviewer, VNC or SSH can be used to entrance programs and files. It helps to revoke a idle power consumption of your mechanism by 99%.

Wake on Lan (WOL) is another record that enables a mechanism to arise adult from shutdown. Remoteboot has some advantages over WOL:

  • It does not need router support, while WOL requires router support of WOL forwarding for entrance around a Internet. Unfortunately, this underline is lacking in many consumer routers and only ubiquitous in craving routers.
  • Remoteboot supports all desktop computers, while WOL requires motherboard support, that can change depending on manufacturer and isn’t accessible on all boards.
  • Remoteboot connects around WiFi, while WOL requires ethernet, that many desktop computers do not use.
  • Remoteboot is a totally apart device that can't be influenced by a computer. But WOL is mostly dangerous in a eventuality that a energy is cycled, remote entrance program fails, a mechanism crashes or encounters a tough shutdown.
  • Remoteboot can be accessed regulating only a web browser, on desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, while WOL requires specialised software to send requests.


All Remoteboot inclination come with entrance to a Remoteboot Cloud, providing a secure executive plcae for we to control all your devices. It allows we to conduct mixed inclination though signing in and out of any one as good as yield a energetic DNS service.

Remoteboot is a apart hardware device connected to your mechanism that contains a wifi chipset and a processor. It runs a web server that allows pattern of a device as good as a control and monitoring of your mechanism around a Remoteboot Cloud comment on your device or a web interface.


Tech specs

  • Chipset: ESP8266 12-E
  • Two digital switching outputs (for energy and reset buttons)
  • Two digital stable inputs (for energy and activity LEDs)
  • 3 additional ubiquitous purpose inputs/outputs damaged out

It is not concordant with laptop computers, all in ones or apple iMacs as it requires customary energy and reset interfaces.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding debate is already funded, early bird prices are gone, though bakers can get it for a oath of $25 AUD. An estimated smoothness is on Apr 2016.

Source: Kickstarter