Wild Ponies Turn Up At A Popular Beach And Ruin The Party — This Is Too Good

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Families during Assateague State Park were in for a warn when a organisation of furious ponies motionless to pile-up their beach party.

Assateague Island is a remote separator island that stretches into both Virginia and Maryland territories. The long, slight frame is home to a furious equine race of over 300. These Chincoteague ponies have called a park home for centuries. They are pronounced to be descendants of horses that arrived on a island someday in a 1700s when a Spanish galleon crashed off a coast.

They ramble around freely, and as we can see below, they have no problem removing tighten to tourists. While a ponies in this video weren’t accurately aroused with a crowd, they didn’t demur to raid over all of their things. (When Doritos are on a line, we do whatever we have to do.)


I’d adore to have witnessed this in person. For some-more information about these darling celebration crashers, check this out.