Will contest opposite Dhoni in IPL with full diver spirit: Raina

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Rajkot: They were inseparable during their 8 seasons for a Chennai Super Kings though Suresh Raina will now be plotting Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s rain when Team Rajkot will face Team Pune in a 9th book of IPL.

India's captain Dhoni and teammate Raina share a fun during practice. ReutersIndia's captain Dhoni and teammate Raina share a fun during practice. Reuters

A record print of Dhoni and Raina pity a fun during practice. Reuters

Asked about his feelings, Raina pronounced they would be rival though during a same time would not miss “sportsman spirit” when pitted opposite his former IPL captain.

For a hastily left-hander, laxity with Rajkot conditions will be an asset.

“I am really most informed with a condition of Rajkot as we have played many matches in youth difficulty like U-16 and U-19,” a 29-year-old maladroit batsman told reporters in Rajkot.

When asked about his India and CSK teammate Ravindra Jadeja, who has also been picked adult by Rajkot, Raina said,”Jadeja is a internal boy. Both of us are informed with conditions here and we will use this to a advantage”.

The subsequent book of a IPL will be hold from 9 Apr to 29 May with a opening and a final compare in Mumbai.