Will False Money save a World once Again? Gold and Silver to a Rescue

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Will False Money save a World once Again? Gold and Silver to a Rescue

Will False Money save a World once Again?

As a universe is station on a hill of a sum breakdown, both economically and geopolitically, an apparent doubt is: “Where is a income entrance from” to save a universe from perdition. The same doubt was asked to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in a 1970s when he was starting a tellurian devout project. Maharishi was a owner of Transcendental Meditation and famous as a Guru of groups like a Beatles and Beach Boys. When asked “Where is a income entrance from”, he replied “from wherever it is now.”


That element would work good in a complement of sound money. Money would upsurge to sound investments and causes. But the financial complement has not been formed on sound income for a prolonged time. Instead we have fake money – income that is built by executive banks and blurb banks. This income has 0 value and is corroborated by nothing, zilch, nada! So governments and people have spent income that doesn’t exist. This is since a universe is sitting on a debt towering including derivatives of around $2.5 Quadrillion.

The universe is now confronting a risk of a sum relapse of a universe economy and a financial complement as we summarized in my article last week. The essay covers a reasons for a staggering change a universe will shortly experience.


As banks collapse, governments default, companies go broke and people turn destitute, “Where is a income entrance from” that will save a world? There are usually dual probable sources:

  • A supernatural alleviation in a universe economy whereby many countries would furnish surpluses to a border of $100s of trillions in a subsequent few years and a debt would be repaid. Fat probability that this will happen. Before that we would see elephants fly too.
    For years a universe has had to imitation and steal some-more income to mount still. We have now reached a indicate when fake income creates a disastrous genuine return. And it should be self- clear that printed income can never emanate resources though sadly this is accepted by few.
  • The usually other resolution is to borrow and imitation some-more income in sequence to repay existent debt. This is what many Keynesians will recommend. What a smashing scheme. You steal some-more income in sequence to solve a debt problem. Why don’t we all stop operative and usually imitation money. Sounds like a good system. The problem is that a universe has reached a indicate of no lapse and a stream complement ain’t working.

Thus there is no excusable solution.


As a financial complement implodes, there will primarily be total income copy by executive banks, though this time it will have no effect. The universe will finally realize that creating resources by putting ink on pieces of paper, or apocalyptic a symbol to fashion trillions of dollars or euros is a large fraud. This rascal has been going on for many of a final 100 years though typical people will shortly learn a tough approach how governments have busted their lives and a universe economy.

The stream frail state of a universe and a apocalyptic consequences of a entrance relapse would never be printed in a newspaper, nor discussed on television. Ordinary people, indoctrinated by governments and a media are as bullish currently as they were in 1929 before a pile-up or a crashes of 1973, 1987, 2000 or 2007. Nobody understands that the world is confronting indomitable problems that can no longer be remade by hurtful hocus pocus wizardry.Virtually nobody will prepared for a approaching collapse. This is since conjunction a supposed experts, nor typical people can see or know a risks. Then there is also a faith that governments will save a universe once some-more by flooding it with printed money.

So where is a income entrance from for:

  • Food – There is expected to be vital food shortages in a world. Food prices will hyperinflate and many people will not get sufficient food, heading to fast and malnourishment.
  • The unemployed – In a US for example, genuine stagnation is currently not 4% though 23%. That could simply grow to 50% or more. Same in many Western countries.
  • Social security – Governments will be ruined and have no income for amicable security, stagnation or other benefits.
  • Pensions – Most people in a universe don’t have a grant currently that will yield sufficient for their aged age. And for a ones who do, many existent grant schemes are exceedingly underfunded. Also, grant supports are especially invested in stocks, holds and genuine estate. These 3 burble markets will fall and grant supports will turn insolvent. This will be one of a many disaster areas for a world.
  • Medical care – The turn of supervision upheld medical caring will mellow dramatically and many hospitals will close. There will be private caring for a ones who can means it. Payment could be in a form of barter, like food or a bottle of whiskey and bullion of course.
  • Government – Both Central and Local supervision will run out of income and many departments will tighten down. Most of that will be profitable as bureaucracy and rubbish disappears. A lot of services that revolutionary governments have supposing will stop to exist.
  • Law and order – With inspired and discontented adults there will be polite unrest. There will not be adequate paid policemen so governments will use a army and deliver mandatory conscription. If there is not adequate income to compensate a army, they will be paid like in Zimbabwe with food coupons.
  • Education – There will be vital appropriation problems for drill and serve preparation heading to closure of schools.

These are usually some of a areas that will be affected. Still, a bulk of a problems is so huge that it will change a universe for a really prolonged time.


The universe has had many crises of several degrees in a past, be it a Black Death in a midst 1300s when an estimated 75 to 200 million people died in Europe and Asia. Around 50% of Europe’s race is estimated to have perished. In WWI around 20 million people died and in WWII around 60-80 million. So major catastrophes are partial of story and a entrance one could also see a vital rebate in universe race be it from mercantile crisis, famine, disease, amicable disturbance or war.


From a midst 1800s to currently universe race has grown from 1 billion to 7.6 billion. If we demeanour during a graph it is a true spike adult in a final 170 years. From a technical perspective, spikes adult are always corrected by a spike down. We can’t tell when accurately that spike down will come though it is expected to be connected to a entrance fall of a financial system. A rebate in tellurian race of 3-4 billion in a subsequent few decades is a genuine possibility.


Another risk that will materialize during some indicate is a change in polarity of a North and South Poles. This routinely happens each 200,000 to 300,000 years though a final time was 780,000 years ago. The earth’s captivating margin has enervated 15% in a final 200 years and that is a clever denote that a flip is due. Recent satellite information from a European Space Agency also indicates that a flip is imminent. The problem with a flip is that it would make some areas of a universe comfortable by knocking out a energy grids. People would also die from most aloft radiation.


In further to a insoluble mercantile and financial problems in a world, the geopolitical conditions is now so critical that we competence not need to worry about a economy. The West led by a US seems dynamic to pull a Russian bear into a corner. A threatened Russian bear is a really dangerous animal. Let us wish that a West comes to a senses. Otherwise we competence have a fight with very, really serious consequences for a world.


All this competence sound really desperate and it would of march be a biggest disaster that a universe has experienced. we am positively not a pessimist by nature. All we am doing is analysing a contribution and a risks and these clearly indicate to a vital change in a universe in entrance years. we unequivocally wish my predictions will not come to pass. Because if they do, there could be pang on a scale that amiability has never encountered before.


The total risks of mercantile fall and a universe fight is not during all reflected in markets. The investment universe is most too dull and doesn’t realize how fast frail item markets will crash.

Jonathan Ruffer, one of a UK’s tip account managers, who rightly likely a new share sell off, has pronounced that it was usually a taster and that he is assured an “earthquake” will strike markets “within months”. (The Telegraph Apr 12, 2018)

So that was a lot of “bad news” in one newsletter. But it is no use worrying about things we can’t do anything about. Nobody can repair a damaged universe economy. It is most too late for that. And nobody can stop a polarity flip. Also, it will be unfit to strengthen yourself opposite a universe war. But if we “only” have an mercantile collapse, earthy changed metals is a best insurance.

But what we can do is to take some stairs in a small micro worlds. For a advantageous ones who have some savings, there is still time to strengthen opposite a rare mercantile risks.

The trends that we have been forecasting for a while in my newsletters are still in tact:

  • Stocks have topped
  • Dollar will pile-up together with other currencies
  • Interest rates will go a lot aloft longer term
  • Gold and china holds are an implausible bargain
  • Physical bullion and china are prepared to pierce a lot higher


Gold and china are now violation out and on their approach to new highs.


So get out of stocks, dollars and debt. Buy changed metals mining stocks. But remember that they are hold within a financial complement (if we don’t go for approach registration). Thus we are theme to custodial and counterparty risk.

The best form of resources refuge is earthy bullion and china stored outward a banking system. There is no improved approach to strengthen your resources opposite a risks we have summarized above. – Egon von Greyerz


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