Will The Last Film In The Divergent Series Skip Theaters And Premiere On TV Instead?

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While a Divergent array competence not have been as renouned as The Hunger Games (another immature adult array formed in a post baleful world), it has still during slightest been rather successful during a box office. The initial film, expelled in 2014, done over $150 million, a second, Insurgent, done tighten to $130 million a year later, though a third film in a franchise, Allegiant, stumbled this Spring and has usually grossed $66 million. Perhaps it is a pointer that fans of renouned novels are removing sleepy of a final book in a array being separate into dual in sequence to get some-more earnings during a entertainment (such as Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter) or maybe people have only grown sleepy of a Divergent array itself. Whatever a case, Lionsgate is apparently exploring an engaging choice to tighten out their series. The final film of a series, Ascendant, might not be opening during theatres subsequent Jun as creatively planned. Instead it could be expelled as a radio movie, followed closely by a TV array spinoff.

Variety pennyless a news yesterday, and pronounced that  while negotiations are still in a early stages, that Lionsgate has apparently corroborated divided from wanting to recover a film theatrically subsequent Jun where it would be squaring off opposite Brad Pitt’s World War Z sequel, and Tom Cruise’s reboot of The Mummy. The preference competence also have something to do with Allegiant not creation behind it’s rumored $110 million budget. After all sharpened for radio would be a cheaper alternative.

Shooting for Ascendant was scheduled to start this summer in Atlanta, though with this new plan it is now different when it will start. If it does lead into a spin-off TV series, Variety is stating that a final film would finalize a storylines with a stream expel (including Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, and Naomi Watts) , and deliver a new expel during a same time. It’s also misleading as of now if a uncover would be a normal weekly series, or a streaming on a height such as Netflix.

Lionsgate has done no central criticism as of this time, though one could be stirring soon.