Winning The Lottery Is Great…But It Can Also Be A Curse

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Winning The Lottery Is Great…But It Can Also Be A Curse

Tim Unkenholz

Writer and mount adult comedian in NY. Check out my monthly comedy uncover Roomie Raiders during a Creek and The Cave! @timunken

It’s a story as aged as a lottery itself: a down-on-their-luck chairman wins large and their life improves exponentially…for about a week.

From afterwards on, a people who win a lottery watch in fear as their lives come crashing down in smoldering heaps of gluttony, greed, and betrayal. YouTuber InterestingTop7s gathered a list of some of a unluckiest lottery winners in history. They fast came to bewail what they suspicion were a luckiest days of their lives.


Why is it that 44 percent of people who measure large sums go pennyless within 5 years of winning?

How can someone blow by that most cash?

Fortune Magazine believes that a answer lies in taxation issues and insane lending of esteem income to family and friends. The essay suggests that if we win a jackpot, a initial chairman we should call is a financial advisor.