Wireless Earbuds Charged Through Phone

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PUGZ are a wireless earphones that lets we assign them by a phone. You can listen and assign during a same time.


You can also charge it in computer (USB), AC-adapter (USB), Android (uUSB) and iPhone (Lightning).


By regulating 3% of your intelligent phone battery ability to assign it you get 4,5 hours of song and 10 days of standby.

You can choose in dual in ear styles:

  • Sealed provides we with a pacifist sound termination that isolates all surrounding noise.
  • Leaking – Our ear jelly pattern leads a audio into your ear though lets we hear a bit of your surroundings.


The sound ranges between 8Hz-28KHz giving a far-reaching and low drum though compromising to most on treble. The tie is done by Bluetooth 4.1 with a built in CSR-aptX chip.

The plan debate is entirely saved on the Kickstarter and reached a appropriation idea of $50.000, a early bird pricing are gone, though we can still get it for $119, an estimated smoothness is on Nov of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter