Wireless WiFi Portable Sound System

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AxiomAir is a wireless Wifi unstable sound complement that plays loud and clean, can be tranquil from any device. It creates a possess hotspot so we can take a orator to a beach, pool, or campfire. You  can tide song directly from your phone or use a interface to play songs on a USB drive. Songs are played high-res up to 24/192 – but compression. It also allows to connect multiple people at a same time.


AxiomAir uses a Wi-Fi network instead of Bluetooth, so high-resolution sound can be played but application and you can have some-more than one user during a time, or have them all over your home tranquil from any device on your network. AxiomAir broadcasts a possess network for we to bond to, so if you’ve got a apart tough expostulate on your network with your high-resolution song files, we can simply entrance it from AxiomAir network.


Behind a orator there is Raspberry Pi micro mechanism with open sourced Linux formed handling system. Any developer can write an app for a Raspberry Pi and if a new facilities are created, we can refurbish AxiomAir from a user interface.

The plan is entirely corroborated on a Kickstarter and already have reached a appropriation idea of $75.000. The early bird cost is $475 and estimated smoothness is on Oct of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter