With A GoPro And His Trombone, This Guy Created The Most Amusing Video Of All Time

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The invention of GoPro cameras has enabled us to constraint perspectives on film we could formerly usually imagine.

For example, a perspective from a behind of an eagle mountainous over a Swiss Alps, what a dog sees when he’s sprinting towards a beach, or in this guy’s case, peculiar nonetheless waggish footage of what we could call a “trombone’s-eye view.” David Finlayson is a trombonist with a New York Philharmonic who enjoys creation people laugh. He suspicion it’d be humorous to insert a GoPro to his instrument and record himself playing. Spoiler alert: he was totally right.

Watch and only try not to hee-haw as Finlayson zooms in and out on his face as he plays a trombone.


As one commenter so courteously suggested, play it again during twice a speed. You’re welcome.