With Any Other Animal, This Chase Scene Might Be Terrifying, But This Is Adorable

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One day while out for a swim, one man’s dedicated container of dogs motionless that where he goes, they go. And a outcome is a many heavenly propagandize of swimmers we’ve ever seen. When he jumped in a water, this man’s 12 (yes, 12) golden retrievers seemed alarmed: what was their tellurian doing striking about in a water? Well, they seemed to collectively confirm that they improved go in after him and make certain he was not, in fact, drowning.

“Human? Human?! Is that a good idea?”

Human? Human?! Is that a good idea?

YouTube / ViralHog

“Human, wait for us!”

Human, wait for us!

YouTube / ViralHog

Watch this overprotective container here:

“Human, conduct behind to land! These waters are treacherous!”

Human, conduct behind to land! These waters are treacherous!

YouTube / ViralHog

(via The Dodo)

The tellurian in such apparent hazard here naturally done it behind to land, where his clinging container followed. The male in a video stays unknown for now, though we are curious…how does one finish adult with 12 golden retrievers, and are there any some-more videos of their darling antics?