Wonder Woman And The Top Grossing Films Directed By A Woman

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Wonder Woman non-stop to outrageous numbers this weekend, and a $100 million opening is a biggest ever by a womanlike director. Director Patty Jenkins contingency be ecstatic.  If it keeps adult during this gait (and overtly a film is so good it substantially will), it could really simply turn a tip grossing film ever destined by a woman. What is a foe we ask? Well let’s take a look.

Frozen: Ok, including this charcterised Disney crack is wholly fair, deliberation it was co-directed by a woman. Still however, a over $400 million transport during a box bureau is within easy reach. Wonder Woman is already a entertain of a approach there.

Shrek: This 2001 Mike Myers strike was also c0-directed by a woman. We’re intuiting a settlement here. Good charcterised film, with clever womanlike leads, equals success. The initial in a array of films grossed over $267 million.

Twilight: Ok, finally, we get to a solo womanlike destined film. The initial film in this really successful authorization hauled in over $192 million and set a tinge for a rest of a series. 

Pitch Perfect 2: Elizabeth Banks is a successful actresses, and a successful director. Really is there anything she can’t do? It’s a contrition she had to behind out of creation a third film in a series, since this one was so good it tops $183 million. 

What Women Want: Back when Mel Gibson was indeed a bankable star, he starred in this film by Nancy Meyers about a male gets a ability to hear women’s thoughts. It was a outrageous hit, creation over #182 million.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Unfortunately over half of this film’s sum came on opening weekend, and it forsaken off usually from there. Still, it finished adult creation over $166 million, and until Wonder Woman kick it this weekend, it was a top opening ever by a womanlike director.