Woodworking with Endurance lasers

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Woodworking and timber figure seemed thousands years ago.

As shortly as amiability seemed ancient people started to make equipment out of timber and indent (we do not know for certain what came first).

In a center ages woodworking became basement of a economy, people build ships, houses, carts, etc and it all compulsory wood.

Nowadays  we have some-more equipment finished of metal, plastic, fabric and glass. There are many reasons because it is so, how ever we would like to give an overview about abilities to do something out wood.

Today we will speak about laser timber slicing and laser timber engraving.

A lot of good things can be finished by hand:

Wood figure by hand. Image credit: pxhere.com, CC0 Public Domain

But also CNC machines can assistance us to do even some-more pleasing things identical to this.

Patterned timber pattern by CNC. Image credit: Imajin around Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-4.0

Machinery woodworking opens  a new dimension of art.


Machine like this Endurance CNC 3018 with commissioned 8W laser can do both: timber figure and laser engraving.

Laser can do laser cast and laser slicing where we need to cut unequivocally tiny pieces like this.

CNC indent with commissioned 8W laser allows to do unequivocally smashing pieces of art.

Every day we get images from a business where they share with us of their results.

Powerful diode lasers can cut adult to 5-8 mm of timber and plywood.

To run a CNC appurtenance is utterly easy and does not need special trust and experience.

All we contingency know is a simple things about gcode.

And find a best parameter of a speed, power and volume of passes to get a approaching result.

We also explained how to use an Inkscape program with JTech Photoinics or Endurance laser plugin to modify an picture into a gcode.

We trust that woodworking and laser timber engraving  is a good hobby and also can turn a tiny business doing cold things in a tiny workshop.

Another engaging choice with lasers is creation print laser engraving.

Nothing formidable during all. Just name an picture and upload it in a program (ACAN, ACAN mini or CNCC LaserAxe, BenBox, etc)

And all a rest – appurtenance and program will take care.

And during a finish we can get such a good images on a square of timber or plywood.

So, that was what we wanted to share about abilities of laser woodworking.

Written by George Fomitchev / endurancelasers.com , +79162254302 (whatsapp, viber, telegram), Skype: George.fomitchev .

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