World Cup qualifier India vs Iran as it happened: Iran surpass India 3-0

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Sep 8, 2015

  • 21:20(IST)

    India will subsequent play Turkmenistan during a Ashgabat Olympic Stadium on 8th October.

  • 21:16(IST)

    India were considerable in a initial half, they did good to shorten Iran to 1-0. There was only one mistake in a half and they were finished to compensate for it. Iran came out clever in a second half though a Indian invulnerability was equally unsure and on countless occasions, a goalkeeper was held round watching. India were propitious with a scoreline. Sandesh Jhingan put in a marathon effort. He was there diving, heading, creeping on a belligerent and clearing a balls by putting his physique on line. This was an approaching outcome and Iran finished as deserved winners.

  • 21:11(IST)

    Short and frail outline of India’s performance.

  • 21:11(IST)

    The final alarm goes.. Iran are deserved winners. Azmoun, Teymourian and Taremi were on aim as a visitors kick India 3-0. 

  • 21:10(IST)

    92 Minutes: Saeid looks to twist it to Gurpreet’s left though it flies only wide. That competence be a final possibility of a game……

  • 21:06(IST)

    91 Minutes: It’s again that span of Dejagah and Amiry that scarcely make it 4-0 for Iran. Amiry runs in from a left and sets it adult easily for Dejagah inside a box. Dejagah has plenty time to fire though his curling bid goes far-reaching as he doesn’t bond it well.

  • 21:04(IST)

    3 Minutes of combined time…….

  • 21:04(IST)

    88 MinutesJust over: Dejagah receives a round on a left from Amiry, he charges forward, cuts inside a tad but only as he is about to shoot, he gets a bad bounce. He ends adult poking it only over a crossbar. 

  • 21:00(IST)

    86 minutes: A integrate of prolonged rance efforts from Pronay, one goes sailing into a throng and a other one is a absolute one and it only whizzes over a crossbar. Good things on a second shot.

  • 20:59(IST)

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Preview: After unbroken defeats opposite Oman and Guam, India will face an poison exam in their FIFA World Cup Group D gift debate when they accommodate Asia’s strongest organisation Iran during a Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Tuesday.

Placed 40th in a FIFA rankings, Iran, who have competent for 4 World Cup finals, including a 2014 book in Brazil, will start out as strenuous favourites opposite 155th ranked India who will be underneath vigour following a defeats to Oman and Guam, a little Pacific Ocean island, by matching 2-1 margins.

File design of India football players. GettyFile design of India football players. Getty

File design of India football players. Getty

Despite a dauntless disproportion emanating from a Indian stay forward of Tuesday’s game, it stays to be seen either Stephen Constantine’s boys — led by Sunil Chhetri — will travel a speak opposite a organisation that is approaching to validate for a 2018 finals in Russia.

On a other hand, Iran, after a indeterminate start that saw them pull 1-1 in Turkmenistan, were during full stifle opposite Guam in Tehran, winning 6-0.

The formula have put Iran in a third mark in a organisation behind Oman and Guam (both of whom have 6 points), though with a best idea difference.

For all their apparent superiority, Iran manager Carlos Queroz refused to insert many stress to a FIFA rankings or a past formula between a dual countries that has a visitors winning 7 of a 10 games as opposite dual by India.

“I have good honour for India as opponents. And we don’t see a FIFA rankings as a parameter to judge. It is 11 contra 11 on a margin tomorrow. Nothing less, zero more!

“We are personification opposite a formidable opponent. We need 3 points and so do India. It’ll be tough compare for both a teams. Our opponents (India) have families, friends and fans that is a same like us. They also wish to win and so do we,” a former Real Madrid manager pronounced during a pre-match media discussion here on Monday.

“Playing divided in a World Cup qualifier tie is always difficult. There are countless hurdles and difficulties. But we design a fighting opinion from my lads,” he added.

Iran captain Andranik Teymourian, who was also benefaction during a media interaction, forked out that India have grown as a organisation and have all to play for on Tuesday.

“I have a good volume of honour for India. Indian football is on a light arise and it will be a good match. We are personification opposite a organisation that has zero to remove tomorrow. we wish might a best organisation win.”

Constantine, who of late has been rather outspoken in his critique of a All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) functioning vis-A-vis a Indian team’s preparations, has been perplexing out several players in a bid to arrive during a many effective combination.

Since he took assign as a inhabitant manager progressing this year, Constantine has fielded 15 debutants in 4 matches, though a formula have been distant from productive.

Chhetri dubbed Tuesday’s diversion as one of a “biggest matches” for him and felt that it would be a formidable diversion for India.

“This is a toughest diversion of my career. In a final 10 years, this is my second event to play Iran. It is that event that a boys should take. This is an event to uncover how many we have improved. We are relishing it.

“We all know who we are personification tomorrow. Iran are 40th in a World and a best organisation in Asia. The many critical thing is to know what we have lerned and how we have trained.

“It’s always formidable to play accurately a approach we wish when we play such high ranked team. We need to be fit and do a best,” pronounced Chhetri.

Constantine said,”Iran are one of a best sides in Asia. They are where they are since of a things they have finished in a past and are doing it even presently.

“There is a good understanding of honour for Iran, though don’t mistake that for fear. It’s 11 vs 11 on a field. If we work hard, there is a possibility that we can take something from this diversion and we trust we can.”