World’s Most Functional Container for Hygiene Products

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Experts agree, it’s often the little distractions that add up to big inconveniences and serious energy drains.  Paxter is answering the call for a better way to deal with travel,  gym, business trip and weekend getaway hygiene products, with a compact, breakthrough design perfect for the rising number of people who love efficiency enhancing gadgets.

Most people have experienced taking a shower and having too many bottles, brushes and other products spread out in ways that make them quite inconvenient to use.  For many on the road this is a frequent or even daily experience.

The good news is, thanks to DE Pty Ltd and their revolutionary new compact container for storing shower and bathroom hygiene products Paxter a smart way end to this kind of travel bag and “shower chaos” is clearly in sight.  The company recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which starts on 18th of October to help bring Paxter to market to an enthusiastic response from a diverse gym and travel gadget enthusiasts.

“We saw a real need to be filled and after a great deal of research, development and smart design choices Paxter was born,” commented Kirill Petrov, creator of the product and also a CEO of the company.  “Not one person has seen Paxter so far and not been completely impressed.  This is a product that could transform how people approach their shower hygiene products in a very real way.  We are looking forward to exceeding even very high expectations.”

Paxter’s smart design choices are very easy to see and carry over in both its functionality and its slick aesthetic appeal.  First, and most importantly, Paxter’s design frees up space in a gym or travel bag in a very dramatic way removing the irritating need to stuff multiple bottles of liquid in a bag, which streamlines the whole process of staying fresh on the road.

Next, a number of essential small shower and bathroom products, like tweezers, q-tips, nail clippers, toothpaste and a toothbrush, are also easily and efficiently carried inside Paxter, making it even more valuable; and the strongly built body of the product contains a waterproof compartment for safeguarding dry items and special “no slip” grips for ultimate convenience.

Paxter has set a goal of USD $20,000 for donations.  Each fund raising tier comes with its own bonus, which include being able to get one of the first run of Paxter, sure to be very much in high-demand.

Early feedback for Paxter has been positive across the board.

John Michael Bric, editor of, a popular CrossFit focused website, recently remarked about Paxter, “I know with the amount of interstate travelling and training I do, something like this would be great to have.”

To contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, please visit campaign page on Kickstarter


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