WRIO Keyboard App Reshapes Keys

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The categorical reason for delayed typing are a mistypes that outcome from tiny keys. WRIO keyboard honeycomb blueprint changes that, a keys are vast and easy to press.


Writing on a smartphone we can usually use dual fingers concurrently. There are placed dual space keys that paint a bottom position of your thumbs or fingers, shortening a stretch trafficked between keys.


In smartphones we can appropriate up, to gain a letter, expelling a change key. Swipe right, to start a new word. Or appropriate left to undo a letter.

There are placed a many used special characters right on a categorical layer. All others are also usually one appropriate away.

WRIO Keyboard will adjust a practical covering formed on your typing behavior. With this there can be serve reduced any typing errors.

The group guarantee that they will rise a personalized and language-independent improvement that will also learn your jargon and lingo.

The alpha and beta versions will usually be accessible on Android. If that flies, their subsequent pierce would be to residence iOS. The plan debate is already backed on a Kickstarter and reached a appropriation idea of $10,000 (Fr 10,000).



Source: Kickstarter