Writer, historian and restorer of Dastangoi: All we need to know about Mahmood Farooqui

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There are many prefixes people use to report co-directer of Peepli Live Mahmood Farooqui who is creation headlines after being arrested on charges of rape. He’s a historian first, carrying complicated story during St. Stephen’s in New Delhi and afterwards Oxford University. But Farooqui is famous in a art and enlightenment circles of Delhi as a male who has regenerated of the 16th-century Urdu story-telling art form, “Dastangoi”

It all started with a need to share narratives with a opening inspired audience. The failing Urdu art solemnly and usually gained movement with many melodramatic shows opposite vital cities in India, and Farooqui was possibly a mind behind them (director) or starred in them.

“We perform 25 stories—ranging from tales from Tilism-e-Hoshruba; Mantoiyat, on a life and times of Manto; Dastan-e-Sedition on a detain of Binayak Sen;Dastan Jai Ram Ji ki, formed on 300 Ramayanas; Alice, formed on Lewis Caroll and on contemporary themes,” pronounced Farooqui about Dastangoi, in this Outlook interview.


Aamir Khan, Anusha Rizi and Mahmood Farooqui. Image by AFP.

Where there are narratives, created novel isn’t distant away. A Times of India report pointed out that that Farooqui had finished contributed to the research for William Dalrymple’s White Mughals and eventually authored his possess book on a Revold of 1857 called Besieged: Voices From Delhi 1857. 

But his laxity with a literary universe isn’t surprising. His uncle is remarkable Urdu producer and academician SR Farooqui, and his grandfather, Ghulam Rabbani Taban, was also a producer and a partial of Progessive Writer’s Group.

Given his artistic and informative influences, his foray into cinema didn’t come as a finish surprise. According to this Tehelka feature, he changed to Mumbai with his wife, Anusha Rizvi, who he met while operative in NDTV, to take a shot during creation cinema in Bollywood. In 2005, a virus of Peepli Live came from a TV uncover about rancher suicides and it took a integrate 5 years from 2005-2010 to move a story from paper to celluloid.

Being a researcher and historian that he is, Farooqui extensively trafficked to find a good expel for a film, even after Aamir Khan Productions had come on board. Thirty-five artists from Habib Tanvir’’s Naya Theatre in Bhopal and a innumerable of internal troupes were zeroed on eventually. But it all came naturally to him.

“My knowledge in storytelling came in accessible here. The disproportion is that in cinema we have to conduct some-more people and logistics,” he said, vocalization to Indian Express.

Before a debate of his passionate attack arose, Farooqui and Rizvi were behind in New Delhi, stability their try to widespread ‘Dastangoi’ opposite Indian cities. They are also operative on a central shade instrumentation of Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies, according to another Indian Express article.