Yeah, I’m Pretty Sure This Isn’t Where You’re Supposed To Land A Plane

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I’ve seen all kinds of frightful and unfortunate things on a road, including one motorist skidding all over in front of me after another cut them off, narrowly avoiding attack a cars around them.

I’ve even witnessed an overturned car that’d rolled and flipped upside down, though never anything utterly like what this man recorded. On Jul 19, Tom Lupski and other motorists in Yaphank, Long Island, were repelled to contend a slightest when they saw an aeroplane touching down on Sunrise Highway.

The commander of a aircraft, Jim O’Donnell, had been on his approach to a Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, New Jersey, when automatic issues forced him to make an puncture alighting between cars. Watch a crazy footage below.

(via Daily Mail)

Amazingly enough, nobody was harmed and a craft didn’t strike any cars. According to police, O’Donnell was in a right place during a right time, since if he’d landed a craft there a few hours later, trade would’ve been most heavier on a highway. Phew!