Yoga is for lazy, good to do people, says Karnataka minister

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Bengaluru: In remarks that are out of sync with his possess government’s position, Karnataka Social Welfare Minister Anjanaiah on Wednesday pronounced yoga is for ‘lazy’ people who do not have time for exercise.

“Yoga is for idle people, generally people belonging to good to do families. They do not have time for practice in a open including holding a walk,” he told reporters in Bengaluru.

Representational image. PTIRepresentational image. PTI

Representational image. PTI

On a contrary, people who work in a fields and persperate it out, do not need yoga, a apportion said, even as a Congress supervision in a state is fasten a rest of a nation in watching 21 Jun as International Day of Yoga.

Anjanaiah pronounced some-more than anything else people should inspire their children to play outside games including using and walking, instead of practising yoga.

“People should ask their children to indulge themselves in personification outside sports including using and prolonged walks instead of yoga,” he said.

Launching a harangue opposite Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a apportion pronounced he should not indulge in Yoga and spend time in using a country.

“The PM should not confess or indulge in Yoga since his time is changed and instead he should spend time on using a country, that is his duty,” he said.

The apportion pronounced there are Yoga gurus and experts to explain yoga.