You Can Make This Beagle Play Tug-Of-War, But You Definitely Can’t Make It Have Fun

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While many pets can’t wait to get outward and play, this unenthused puppy couldn’t caring less.

It was set to be a conflict of a century as doggie rivals Otis and Monty faced off to announce once and for all who was a best and strongest. However, when a time came for a showdown to begin, a beagle crony couldn’t assistance though take his contingent better fibbing down. Exerting as small appetite as possible, Monty showed off a opposite kind of strength.

I’ve overtly never associated to a dog this most in my life.

(via Daily Mail)

Monty is all of us perplexing to find a appetite to make it by a work week. Keep your heads adult and feign it ’til we make it!