You Can Tell This Cat What To Do, But That Doesn’t Mean She’s Going To Listen!

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I’m not accurately what we would call a cat person, though this friendly pool competence usually be means to spin this hardcore dog partner to a dim side.

Her name is Scooter, though we might know her by her Instagram hoop Scoot.Butt. The frolicsome sly is proof that not even a incapacity can mount in a approach of her removing what she wants.

On a outside, Scooter looks like any typical cat.

She loves personification around like her associate sly pals.

But unbeknownst to a world, this former wandering cat is inept and has no feeling or suit in her behind dual legs.

Despite her disability, Scooter gives a whole new definition to tough work and dedication. Watch as she fast climbs a stairs regulating usually her front dual legs.


If we were a betting man, I’d place all my income on Scooter winning a animal Paralympics. Go Scooter, Go!!!