You Thought Your Vacation Was Fun? Wait ‘Til You See This Dachshund on Holiday

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Vacations are super fun for a whole family. If we devise it right, everybody has something to do, possibly it’s lounging on a beach, hopping on a jet ski, or visiting a museum. But if you’re lucky, each member of your family will be über-excited for every singular activity, so we can all suffer a time off together.

This small dachshund is super pumped for his family vacation…and he isn’t about to rubbish one second of it!

He’s cold with going for a small paddle.

He's cold with going for a small paddle.


But doesn’t mind holding it easy on a raft, either.

But doesn't mind holding it easy on a raft, either.


Soak adult that sun, teeny pooch.

“Wait for me, dad!”

Wait for me, dad!


Man, this creates me crave for vacation some-more than ever…even yet I’m fearful of a ocean! Take a doctrine from this small man and fist each small bit of wonderfulness out of your days off that we can!

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