You’ll Melt When You See What Happens When This Cat’s Favorite Human Plays The Piano

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They contend that animals unequivocally do suffer listening to music, generally of a exemplary genre, and if this darling pool is any indication, it’s really true.

Sarper Duman is a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, who rescues harmed cats from a streets and nurses them behind to health in his home. All of his bushy roommates adore listening to him play a piano, though one is quite soft with a approach he tickles a ivories.

Watch as this pool enters a state of obscurity while listening to Duman play. The small cutie is so happy that we can even hear him purring!


Is anyone else about prepared to impassivity from a cuteness? To listen to some-more of Duman’s pleasing song and to see some-more of a kitties he takes caring of, be certain to check him out on YouTube and Instagram.