You’ve Heard About Helium Raising Your Voice, But What Happens If You Inhale This Gas?

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Balloons are fun. You can follow them, we can cocktail them, and in some cases, we can breathe a atmosphere inside of them to make your voice sound insanely funny. And we all know that inhaling helium from a balloon will make we and your friends sound like a lovable small guys from Alvin and a Chipmunks.

But are there any other gasses out there that can impact a sound of your voice? That’s accurately what this man wanted to find out. Wait until we see what he discovered.

That’s terrifying! Can we suppose conference someone speak like that in a center of a night? You’re going to wish to get some of that gas in time for Halloween to shock off gullible trick-or-treaters! (But seriously, only don’t. It’s substantially not safe.)