You’ve Never Heard The Jurassic Park Theme Music Like This — The Setting Is Awe-Inspiring

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There are few things some-more enchanting to kids and adults comparison than a epic blockbuster that is Jurassic Park. The implausible multiple of Steven Spielberg’s cinematic directing, Michael Crichton’s talented writing, and John Williams’ high composition has done a film good desired by people around a world.

In respect of Jurassic World, a latest iteration of a series, a Piano Guys motionless they wanted to compensate reverence to this implausible dexterity by arranging their possess take on John Williams’ deeply emotive thesis from a films. And they did it in a many prehistoric-looking place they could find: Crawdad Canyon, Utah.

(source ThePianoGuys)

I indeed had tears in my eyes final weekend when we went to see Jurassic World. we felt like we was 7 again, saying Jurassic Park for a really initial time. The nostalgia was incredible. The windy masterpiece that these guys combined is flattering extraordinary as well.