15 Of The Craziest, Most Epic, And Most Terrifying Bridges In The World

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They contend we should overcome your fears, though if you’re fearful of heights, these bridges competence not be a best places to start a prolonged routine of conquering your terrifying nightmares of sobriety removing a best of you. Then again, all of these walkways, roads, and even roots are impossibly epic once we get past your anxiety. Just have a look…

1. The Triftbrücke, Switzerland

The Triftbruuml;cke, Switzerland

Flick / thisisbossi

The overpass is dangling some-more than 300 feet in a atmosphere over a hilly fill (yay!) and is some-more than 550 feet long.

2. Kakum National Park’s Canopy Walk, Ghana

Kakum National Park's Canopy Walk, Ghana

Flickr / Stig Nygaard

The whole pathway is 1,150 feet prolonged and links 7 treetops in a forest.

3. Living Bridges, India

Living Bridges, India

Flickr / Ashwin Kumar

While not indispensably terrifying to traverse, these walkways, grown by weaving banyan roots together, take decades to construct.

Getty Images

I take behind what we pronounced about walking on this — nope.

4. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

Flickr / Glen Bowman

While I’m still misleading gravity-wise how we get opposite this bridge, it’s flattering damn cool.

5. Rolling Bridge, England

Rolling Bridge, England

Getty Images

A word to a wise: don’t get held on this overpass midday on Fridays, when it rolls adult on itself.

6. Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands

Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands

Wikimedia Commons

When a boat needs to transport underneath this bridge, a automatic arm (not distinct a transformer) hoists a square of a highway sky-high.

Wikimedia Commons

Because this one requires a second viewpoint for a full effect.

7. Saikai Rainbow Bridge, Taiwan

Saikai Rainbow Bridge, Taiwan

Getty Images


8. Haohan Qiao Bridge, China

Haohan Qiao Bridge, China


Translated to meant “brave man’s bridge,” a glass pass is over 1,000 feet prolonged and is dangling around 600 feet in a air.

9. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Getty Images

What’s that? You don’t like being dangling 2,100 feet above sea turn on a side of a mountain? Yeah, we substantially shouldn’t revisit this then.

10. Bridge in a Karakorams over a Hunza River, Pakistan

Bridge in a Karakorams over a Hunza River, Pakistan

Wikimedia Commons

All of a nope.

11. Kazurabashi and a vine bridges of a Iya Valley, Japan

Kazurabashi and a vine bridges of a Iya Valley, Japan


Made with a brew of timber and vines, these demeanour terrifying from here…but keep scrolling.

Flickr / Karl Baron

12. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Flickr / Brandon Satterwhite

The top cessation overpass in America, this architectural consternation hangs scarcely 1,000 feet off a Arkansas River’s bed.

13. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ireland

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ireland

Flickr / Jason Fifield

This brief wire overpass is many considerable given it’s been adult for some-more than 350 years. It was built by salmon fishermen prolonged ago.

14. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Flickr / chispita_666

Built in a 1800s, this cessation overpass is 450 feet prolonged and hangs 230 feet off a river.

15. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Getty Images

Not for a gloomy of heart, this cableway is some-more than 3,000 feet above sea turn in a Swiss Alps.

I’m not even fearful of heights, though many of these weird me out. Nevertheless…who’s with me for a round-the-world bridge-hopping trip?!